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Leather Cord Holder

Make an easy leather cord holder to keep your cords and wires organized! A super easy project that can be a great gift and requires minimal tools or supplies. 

Materials List; 

BDLP 100 Premium Leather 

BSTD Button Studs 

T3200-05 1.5 Round Hole Punch

T3460 Mini Maul

T3210-05 Buttonhole Punch

Hard Work Surface (Marble or Granite)


Step 1: Cut out supplied pattern. 

Step 2: Trace pattern with marker or stylus onto leather.
Step 3: Use T1235 leather scissors to cut out shape.
Step 4: Place pattern on top of leather to mark holes.

Step 5: Use T3210-05 buttonhole punch to punch hole for button stud.
Step 6: Use T3200-05 round hole punch to punch hole. 

Step 7: Insert screwed end of button stud into round hole. Screw parts together.
Step 8: Wrap earbuds around middle of leather. Insert button stud into button hole.
Now you have an organized and stylish way to hold your earbuds.

Download the PDF of the Ear Buds Holder Tutorial here. 

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