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DIY Tassel Clip With USB Charger

Are you always forgetting your phone charger? Or worse, having the cord get constantly tangled up in your bag? There's an easy and creative solution to keep it tucked out of sight but ready for whenever you need it! The DIY tassel clip is a simple solution that you can hang on the edge or any bag or purse so that your charger is never far when you need it. All you need are a few simple supplies and five minutes. 


USB phone charger

Step 1: Assembly all supplies including your USB charger cord. While any length can work, the best length is a short cable, preferably no longer than 6". 

Step 2: Start with 2-3 pieces of Realeather pre-cut fringe. You can also create your own fringe using any leather trim piece. Simply cut lines equidistance in the material, leaving about half an inch of uncut material at the top to roll. Layer the two fringe pieces on top of each other, slightly offset. 

Step 3: Fold the USB cord in half. Place the top of the cord, the non-end side on top of the two fringe pieces. 

Step 4: Roll the fringe pieces, with the cord in the middle, into a tight roll. 

Step 5: Take the tassel clip and add leather adhesive to the tassel clip base. 

Step 6: Put the fringe roll into the tassel clip base. Wipe away excess glue. Let adhesive dry for about thirty minutes. Finished! 



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