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How to Use Leather Dye Pens

Dyeing leather without the mess? Sounds impossible. But the Realeather Dye Pens do just that! 

Featuring a flexible brush tip on one end and a fine tip on the other, these leather dye pens give you the ability to blend and dye tiny details in your leather projects. Our leather dye pens are fast drying, permanent, non-toxic and acid-free markers. They are sold in four sets, each with six different coordinating colors; EarthtonesBasics, Landscape, and Brights

But enough about the product details, how do you use these?! 

Leather Dye Pen Techniques: 

- Background coloring: These markers are great for adding depth to your design. Start by completely coloring the entire design with the color you want on top. Let it dry, it shouldn't take more than a twenty seconds or so depending on your leather. Then use a different color and apply only to the background around your design. This process works best if the background color is a darker side than the initial color. 

- Blending: To blend colors, start with a light base color. Completely cover the design. In our example, we use a light yellow for the first layer. Then we add in green and a light tan to the areas of the design desired. We first started adding the green to the lower spine of the leaf. Using the light tan, we layered it over the edges of the green to blend/blur the edge of the green into the yellow. Then, we added two shades of orange and red to the leaf. And a brown and light tan to the acorn. Again, we used the lighter color pens to blend everything together. 

After using a pen over a different color, always clean the tip by dabbing it lightly on a paper towel. 

- Brighter Colors: The dye pens show up slightly differently depending on the leather they are being used on. If it's a darker leather or you just want to achieve brighter colors, you can first paint the areas you will dye with the white Realeather Acrylic Paint. This gives you a clean solid base to layer the dye pens on. Let the paint dry completely, then apply the dye pens as normal. 

Tip! To avoid bleeding or accidentally slipping off the edge, start coloring in the center of the area you want dyed. Slowly work up to the edges. Let the color migrate up to the edge. Do not start using dye pens right at the edge of your design, it will bleed slightly. 

You can download our Tip Sheet below. Try them out and then share your projects using the Realeather Dye Pens with us! We love seeing your creative ideas. 

 How to Use Leather Dye Pens 

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