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Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl Tips

The Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl is a handy sewing tool that creates the perfect lock-stitch, every time. It can be used for assembly and repair projects such as making leather crafts, repairing ripped canvas tarps, climbing and camping gear, bookbinding repair, saddlery and tack items, athletic equipment, and even shoes and belts. Including with the basic sewing awl are two different needles and a bobbin of thread. Below we demonstrate the proper techniques for threading a Speedy Stitcher, prepping for stitching and when to use the different kinds of thread. You can also view these techniques on the Speedy Stitcher YouTube channel. Videos demonstrating how to rethread a Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl, storing the sewing awl, setting up the Speedy Stitcher awl and proper stitching techniques are included there. 


How to Set-Up Your Awl: 

1. Pull out the end cap (with bobbin inside). Push the end of bobbin thread out of the hole in the handle. Replace the end cap, securing the bobbin. Wrap thread end around tension post. Pass thread end "under" thread. This ensures that it will feed properly. 

2. Pass thread along the groove in the handle and through the hole in the ferrule. 

3. Select one of the needles. Insert the needle in the threaded post. Align the groove on the needle with the groove on the post. 

4. Run thread along the groove on the post and into the eye of the needle.                                          


5. Screw chuck lock back into place and pull the thread out to the length needed to complete the project.


Preparing Your Project for Stitching: 

On leather: To help keep stitches straight, first use a Stitching Groover to mark the path for stitching or a stylus to lightly mark a guideline. 

On Canvas & Upholstery: Draw guidelines with chalk or a pencil. 

Overstitch Wheel: Mark stitching hole placement with an Overstitch Wheel or ruler and stylus. 

Stitching Pony: To help hold your project while stitching, use a Realeather Stitching Pony.

***Important: The length of the thread needed to stitch the project is equal to the length of the stitch line to be done plus 3". 

Learn how to use a Speedy Stitcher by reading through our step-by-step instructions here

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