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DIY Stamped Candle Tag

A perfect gift or way to spruce up your space, the Stamped Candle Tag is a simple home decor project that can easily upgrade any pillar candle. You can create any shaped tab and stamp with any message you would like. Add some color using the Realeather One Step or leave the leather natural. By tying the tag onto the candle with leather lace, you can quickly slip it off or on a candle when the wax burns lower. It can be resized and reused on any favorite candle or jar. Check out the easy how-to steps below!

Supplies Needed: 

Suede or Deerskin leather lace 

- Natural Tooling Leather for stamping  - We recommend the 9"x3" size for smaller projects 

Realeather Alphabet & Number Stamps - 1/4" was used on this project 

Realeather One Step

- Cutting tools for creating the shapes you want - We recommend the Rotary Cutter or a craft knife

- Power Hole Punch  

Nylon mallet or mini maul 


Step 1: Gather supplies & cut out your desired leather shapes. You can use a smart die cutting machine or do this by hand. Once done, punch holes using the Power Hole Punch or another Leather Rotary Punch. You will need one hole on each side of your tag for the leather lace. 

Step 2: Prep your leather by dampening it with water to make it pliable but not fully saturated. Then, take the middle letter of your word and center it on your tag. Starting with the middle letter helps you to keep the word spaced properly on your piece. Hold the stamp completely perpendicular and hit firmly with mallet or maul. 


Step 3: Finish stamping the rest of your word or message on the tag. 

Step 4: Once finished with all your stamping, it's time to color your project. This step is optional but is a good way to finish a project and protect your leather at the same time. Using a wool dauber or soft towel, dab the One Step onto your leather. Cover the project completely with smooth, even strokes to achieve a consistent dye. Wipe any excess off with a soft rag. 

Step Five: Once your dye has dried completely, you can use your leather lace to tie the tag onto your candle or jar!



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