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Healthy at Home Bracelets

Get crafty during this quarantine by making some fun and easy stamped bracelets! Use your favorite Governor’s catch phrase or an inspirational quote to keep some positivity on hand. This easy project is something that can be done with kids or on your own. You can make this using some of our veg-tan tooling leather or pre-cut wristbands.

Supplies Needed:
-Veg-tan tooling leather or pre-cut leather wristbands. For this example, we used the Realeather Narrow Wristbands
Note: If not using pre-cut bracelet, you will need a snap set to attach to the bracelet
-Realeather Alphabet stamp set – any font you would like. For the Narrow Wristbands, we like to use the 1/8" Alphabet Set. It's block letter font works great on smaller bracelets. 
-Fiebings Leather Dyes, Realeather Leather Paints, or other finishes such as the Realeather One Step Dressing


If not using pre-cut bracelets, you will need:
-Realeather Rotary Cutter 
-Snap Setter Kit 
Realeather Nylon Mallet or Realeather Mini Maul 


After you have gathered all of your tools and supplies, start by prepping your leather and getting it wet. It should be damp and pliable but not soaking wet. This allows the stamps to make a clean impression on the leather. If you are not using pre-cut bracelets, simply cut the size bracelet that you would like and begin the process below. 

Once you have decided on the phrase you want on your bracelet, start by stamping the middle word first. By starting in the middle and working your way out, it helps to keep your design centered on the bracelet. 

TIP: To ensure your letters are evenly spaced, place the stamp head for each letter on the bracelet and stamp each individually.

Once you have all of the stamp heads lined up, insert the stamp handle into the first and firmly strike with your mallet or maul. Make sure to hold the handle at a 90 degree angle when hitting, this keeps the edge of the stamp head from being impressed onto the leather too. 

Pull the handle out of the stamp head and move on to the next. Continue until the entire saying is completed. 

Once you're done you can stain, dye or paint the leather the color of your choice. By adding some color to the bracelet, you will highlight your stamping and give the bracelet a polished finish. Check out our other blogs for tips on using the Realeather Dye pens, Finishing the Edges, and more.

After you've finished your bracelets, share them with us! We love to see your final projects. 


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