DIY Leather Bow Bracelet

This leather bow bracelet is a simple yet beautiful project that you can accomplish with a limited amount of time. Which makes it a perfect last-minute gift for Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas or any special occasion! The pattern is easy to cut, quick to assemble and can be a casual or dressy accessory.

Supplies Needed: 


Tools Needed: 


Step One – Using the template provided on the downloadable PDF, cut out an elongated oval shape from the trim piece of leather. We used the Realeather Triumph trim piece in Metallic Silver. When marking the holes and center line, we recommend doing this on the back of the leather so that no marks will show on the finished piece. 

TIP: When cutting the leather, make sure to hold the edges securely to ensure a clean cut.

Step Two – Cut out a thin strip of leather to use for the center on the bow, about an inch long and 1/4" wide.
TIP: In this example, both the bow and strip are cut from the same leather. You can also use a different textured, patterned or colored leather to create a unique look.

Step Three – Punch the holes on either end using the Realeather Jewelry Punch.

Step Four - At the center mark of the oval, gather the leather in an accordion style and pleat so that you have three pleats formed. This creates the bow. Hold the center tightly in one hand, securing the pleats.

Step Five – Apply a small dot of adhesive on one end of the strip. Tightly wrap the strip around the center of the pleats. Secure the ends of the strip together where the adhesive is.

Step Six – Continue to hold the strip ends together until the adhesive dries. You can also use a binder clip to keep pressure in place.

Step Seven - Once the adhesive has fully dried, place the snap on the ends. To do this, start by placing the snap cap on the front side of the leather and push through to the back. Then secure the socket on the back side of the cap using the snap setter.

Step Eight- On the other end of the bracelet, secure the snap post on the backside and the socket on the front side. Secure using the snap setter.

Step Nine – Snap together and wear with your favorite outfit!

TIP: Need a longer length to fit your wrist? Simply replace the snaps with a chain & clasp to secure the bracelet. This allows you to size the bracelet accordingly. If you are using a chain and clasp, do not punch the holes where they are located on the template. Punch holes closer to the outside edge of the material. The jump ring will need to be able to fit through the edge of the material.


Download the full project sheet for the  DIY Leather Bow Bracelet. Share your finished project with us on social media! 


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