Layered Pearl Choker Necklace

Chokers are back in style and just as easy to make! This long layered pearl choker design by Myléne Hillam gives you plenty of room to custom and create your own unique look. Follow the simple steps below or download our PDF for reference. 

Supplies Needed: 

  • Deerskin Lace (1/8") Black - about 2.5 yards 
  • Six 8mm Gray Freshwater Pearls with 2mm hole
  • Two 17mm silver ribbon clamps 
  • Two 4mm silver jump rings 
  • Silver press stud clasp (or clasp of your choice) 
  • Adhesive tape (to align laces) 


Tools Needed: 

  • Pliers: flat nose, chain nose
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Needle Tool 
  • Bead Reamer


Step One: Measure the circumference of your neck and cut three pieces of deerskin lace to this length. Cut two pieces measuring 21". 

Step Two: Align the ends of the three short pieces and one of the 21" pieces. Position the long piece below the three short laces. 

Step 3: Cut a piece of adhesive tape and lay the four pieces onto the tape. This will free up one of your hands in the next step. 

Step 4: Place a ribbon clamp over the ends of the lace and use flat nose pliers to firmly close it to secure the laces. 

Step 5: Take the middle lace of the three shorter laces and trim its other end at an angle so that it comes to a point. 

Step 6: String on five pearls and then space them out along the lace, approximately 1.5" apart. You can adjust their position once the choker is assembled. 

Step 7: Measure the length of the clasp, including the jump rings. Check the length of the choker by placing it around your neck (leaving the 21" lace dangling free) and mark where the two sides cross over. Subtract the length of the clasp and then trim the three laces. 

Step 8: Place the remaining 21" lace below the other three laces and align all the ends. Tape the pieces to hold them in position and then crimp with a ribbon clamp as before. 

Step 9: Use a bead reamer to enlarge the hole of the remaining pearl a little. 

Step 10: Trim the ends of the two laces to a sharp point and feed them through the pearl. It should be a tight fit and you may need to use the needle tool to help feed the laces through the hole. 

Step 11: Slide the pearl along the cords to the desired position. You can adjust this up and down to suit your outfit. 

Step 12: Trim away the pointed end of the two laces and tie each one in a single knot. 

Step 13: Slip one half of the clasp onto the jump ring and hook it through the loop on one end of the choker. Attach the second half of the clasp to the other end. 

You can slide the pearl up and down the lace to suit your neckline. You can also adjust the pearls to your liking. Enjoy your beautiful necklace! For more jewelry ideas, visit

Click here for printable PDF: Layered Pearl Necklace 

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