DIY Strappy Purple Choker

Designed by Myléne Hillam of Mill Lane Studio, the Strappy Purple Choker is not your typical choker necklace. Industrial yet stylish, this necklace can be easily embellished or altered to fit your outfit. She uses the Purple Deerskin lace but with a wide variety of colors, you can make this necklace however you want. Check out all of our colors here. Get started by downloading  the PDF or follow the step-by-step below! 

Supplies Needed: 

  • Deerskin Lace (3/16") Purple - 4 feet 
  • Two 16mm silver ribbon clamps
  • Two 4mm silver jump rings 
  • Silver press stud clasp or clasp of your choice


Tools Needed: 


Step 1: Cut three pieces of deerskin lace to your neck measurement and one piece measuring 2-1/4" long. 

Step 2: Fold each piece in half and mark the center point. On the small piece, place two more marks on either side of center, 3/8" apart so that you have five marks in all. 

Step 3: Set the jewelry punch to the largest hole (2mm) and punch a hole at each mark on all four pieces. 

Step 4: Place a rivet through the second to last hole (from the front) on the short piece. Next, place one of the long pieces (front first) and finally, fold the short end over to the back and onto the rivet. 

Step 5: Snap the cap into position and place it on the anvil. 

Step 6: Center the setting tool over the cap and tap it sharply with the hammer until the cap is firm. Repeat the process for the top lace. 

Step 7: Insert a rivet through the middle hole of the short piece and place the last lace over the top, positioning it under the two cut ends of the short piece. Snap the cap into position and set it. 

Step 8: Measure the length of the clasp and jump rings. Trim half this measurement away from each end of the choker. Align the ends and hold them in place with a piece of adhesive tape. Place a ribbon clamp over the end. 

Step 9: Using flat nose pliers, crimp the end securely. Repeat on the other end of the choker. 

Step 10: Attach one half of the clasp to each end of the choker with a jump ring. 

Click here for printable PDF: Strappy Purple Choker 

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