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Tassel Clip DIY

In three short steps, you can make your own tassel clip! It's a quick and creative way to add a personal touch or flair to any project. Easy to customize the clip can be two tone, single color, made of fringe or deerskin, or even used as a way to cleverly hide a phone charger. All needed supplies are available from the Realeather product line and can be picked up at your local craft store or online.



  1. Step 1: Start with 2-3 pieces of Realeather fringe. Take the first piece and roll it onto itself, then wrap the other pieces around the first piece. 
  2. Step 2: Take the tassel clip and add leather adhesive to the tassel clip base. 
  3. Step 3: Put the fringe into the tassel clip base. Wipe away excess glue. Let the adhesive dry for about thirty minutes. Then you are finished! 


Want to further customize your tassel clip? Learn how to make a Phone Charger Tassel Clip here. 

Click here for printable PDF file: Tassel Clip: BCL200

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