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Our Mission

Leathercraft is the time-honored art of creating and decorating clothing, accessories and other items of leather. At Silver Creek Leather Company, we want to help you keep this art alive and thriving by bringing you quality and genuine leathercraft supplies at fair prices. Our leathers are a natural product and are a by-product of the existing meat industry. If hides and skins weren't tanned to be used for our leather products, these hides would be thrown in landfills. By using the hides to make our leather, we are globally creating a more sustainable practice.  

We bring a full line of leather lace, jewelry and leathercraft supplies from our factory in Southern Indiana to the front door of your business. Our Realeather brand lace, kits and jewelry are used by camps, schools, businesses, designers, craftsmen and other professionals worldwide. We look forward to helping you discover the right product for all of your needs.

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