Press Release: Speedy Stitcher moving to Indiana

August 10, 2018

Silver Creek Leather Co., LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of the business assets of Stewart Manufacturing, Inc., of Poughkeepsie, New York, makers of the popular Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl.

This sale will ensure that the Speedy Stitcher will continue to be made in the USA, as it has been since it was patented in 1909. This tool is an important aid in the leathercraft, outdoor, marine and saddlery markets, and it is so well designed that it has been basically unchanged for over 100 years. The awl, along with high quality needles and thread is an important part of any craftsman’s tool chest for building products and making repairs to all sorts of sewn items.

The Stewart factory will be moved to the premises of Silver Creek Leather Co., at 5035 Keystone Blvd., Jeffersonville, Indiana, and be operational by August 31, 2018. Silver Creek realizes it is important to customers that there be no disruption in service or shipments. Silver Creek has no plans to modify or change the tools or the components, and will be using the same equipment and suppliers that have made the Speedy Stitcher successful for so many years.

Stewart Manufacturing has produced these items in their factory in Poughkeepsie, New York since 2002, being managed by company President Sheila Kelleher. Much of the assembly and packaging work was done there by a sheltered workshop, allowing many disadvantaged individuals to find employment that made them proud contributors to the business and their community. Silver Creek Leather plans to continue using the same type of workforce as much as possible after the move to Southern Indiana.

“Sheila Kelleher has been an important business partner and friend to us at Silver Creek Leather for many years. We wish her and her husband Bob all the best as they are now able to pursue retirement together. We look forward to continuing the production and sale of the Speedy Stitcher and hope to grow its reach throughout the world,” said Greg Sartor, President of Silver Creek Leather.

Please direct all inquiries regarding the Speedy Stitcher to the offices of Silver Creek Leather Co. at 812-945-8520 or email to

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